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Are you getting real service from your current transport company?
We have answered the call for real people to provide real service.
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If you need to talk to us about anything from an update on a delivery, structuring a regular delivery run or finding a solution to a tricky delivery, we are available to talk to you now

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Our business runs on best of breed technology, automating the boring stuff to give us more time to focus on our customers.

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We don’t have just clients. We have partners. Your needs are our #1 focus.

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Raw Priority

Afternoon deliveries a problem?
We’ve got drivers who are craving for the challenge of priority deliveries. With a state of the art job allocation system in place, you’ll no longer be asking “where’s my goods?” & “why’s it taking so long?”. We’ve got it covered.

Raw Quality

We prefer nurturing our drivers to the best of their abilities rather than turning over countless numbers of them. It goes without saying that this process drastically improves customer service and ultimately allows us to get your goods delivered with professionalism.

Raw Satisfaction

We understand that driver quality is of utmost importance.
Upon trading with RAW, you’ll be equipped with a driver evaluation/satisfaction sheet. This will allow us to gauge our overall level of service and to improve on areas which you feel we are lacking in. Just another way to show that RAW cares.



Can Do Attitude


Why choose us?

Here is why….

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You must be thinking how we differ from other local distributors. RAW began with a simple idea: Every delivery is a priority delivery. We understand the urgency and discretion required for your delivery and that communication is a must. This way we’ve managed to avoid the “churn and burn” nature of most transport companies and have adopted a culture that works specifically with you. People love us because we develop high quality relationships and look to constantly strengthen them.


Innovation is what drives business, so that is where our approach to technology and development starts. To achieve even better quality of our services, we turn to innovative technologies, do research to foster best practices, participate and engage in trend analysis, review driver performance and balance these initiatives with your needs.

Can Do Attitude

Have you ever had a transport company tell you that “the job can’t be done” or “we’re too busy”? RAW says give us sufficient time and we’ll get your goods from A to B. SIMPLE.
If you have any specific instructions for a delivery, let us know! We’ll be sure to notify your friendly driver and get the job done.


Communication is the key and it’s what we strive to achieve. If you have concerns about your delivery you will be speaking to someone who actually cares. Our telephonists are equipped to handle your concerns with quiet skill and dedication.

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